What is MRAWViewer?

MRAWviewer is a Maemo 5 image viewer for RAW image file formats as those produced by modern DSLRs. All the DSLRs from the most important camera manufacturers are supported.

It is based on LibRaw which in turn is © 2008-2010 LibRaw LLC.
Please visit www.libraw.org for more informations.

Why MRAWViewer?

RAW image files allow for more comfortable PP adjustment and corrections than JPEGs, so many photografers are used to shoot only in RAW.

But after a photo session in the field, why bother using the small DSLR's LCD screen to review your shots when we can use the far better display of our Internet Tablets?

Unfortunately, current generation's Internet Tablet (Maemo 5 based Nokia N900) has no support for USB OTG - ie you cannot connect your DSLR to the tablet and browse your images from there; but there is hope that this can change in the near future: look at project h-e-n for more details!


You can contact me at donaggio at gmail dot com.